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Lethal Means Safety

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People struggling with suicidal feelings often feel like these feelings will go on forever and that nothing can help. When this happens, being able to step back, pause, and put time and distance between someone and potentially dangerous objects is key to gaining perspective. Helping someone (maybe yourself) to create this necessary breathing room is essential. We call this lethal means safety. This short video helps explain lethal means safety.

Information on Lethal Means Safety by Audience

Whether you want to learn how to keep yourself safe during a hard time or would like more information about this topic, there are a lot of places that can help you. 

If you are concerned that someone you care about is considering suicide, there are resources you can use  to help them put time and space between themselves and things they can use to die by suicide.

Clinicians have an opportunity to support a person in crisis if they can identify the crisis signs, work with the person to put time and space between themselves and lethal means, and get them the help they need.