Are you in crisis? Call 988. In immediate danger? Call 911

Are you in crisis? Call 988. In immediate danger? Call 911

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This form is for prevention program questions only. It is not for emergency use. This inbox is not monitored for emergencies. For emergencies, please call 911.

Do you have a question about RIDOH’s suicide prevention work? Fill in the information below and someone from RIDOH’s suicide prevention team will be in touch with you within a week.

    To speak with someone about your mental health or the mental health of a loved one, please contact one of these organizations.

    For media inquiries:

    If you are a member of the media and wish to speak with someone from the Department of Health about a suicide-related issue, please contact our Public Information Officer, Joseph Wendelken at or 401-222-3998.

    Learn how to responsibly report on suicide. The Recommendations for Reporting on Suicide were developed by leading experts in suicide prevention and in collaboration with suicide prevention and public health organizations, schools of journalism, media organizations and key journalists as well as Internet safety experts. The recommendations are based on more than 50 international studies on suicide contagion.