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Facts About Suicide Prevention

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  • Most people who attempt suicide do not die by suicide. It is wrong to say that if someone wants to die, there is nothing that will stop them. Research tells us that reducing access to ways that people can attempt suicide (also known as lethal means safety) is a good way to prevent suicide attempts
  • Suicide rates go up when the economy is bad. Another way to prevent suicide is to make sure people can pay for housing, food, heat, medicine, and other basic needs. Health insurance that also covers mental health conditions and helps people find mental healthcare providers and get the care they need reduces risk factors for suicide.
  • People need to feel like they belong in their community or feel connected. It is important to make strong social bonds, or connectedness. This is a significant protective factor against suicide.

These are a few of the many strategies that we know can work for preventing suicide. If we invest in them as communities and as a state, we can improve mental health, reduce suicide, and increase connectedness. To read more, start with the CDC’s Preventing Suicide: A Technical Package of Policy, Programs, and Practices.