Are you in crisis? Call 988. In immediate danger? Call 911

Are you in crisis? Call 988. In immediate danger? Call 911

How Rhode Islanders Can Help

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Help someone else who might be at risk.
For many people who attempt suicide, the time between the decision to act and the attempt is often less than an hour. A person who is struggling might not reach out to a trained mental health professional or call a hotline on their own. You can learn how to ask someone if they need help and help them find a trained professional to talk to.

Reduce the negative opinions of mental health struggles.
Depression, anxiety, and other mental health issues are common, and they can be treated. People need to feel comfortable to ask for help. It is important to have open, honest, and non-judgmental conversations about mental health. You can learn more about opening up these conversations from Seize the Awkward and in our section on having hard conversations.

Get involved in community efforts to prevent suicide.
There are many groups and organizations in Rhode Island that benefit from volunteers. Learn more here.